5 Dimensions of Health

...a lifestyle for living well and the 5 things I live by. 

Be Healthy and Happy with JLife by Jules!

 What are the KEYS TO HAPPINESS and ultimately having a BALANCED and healthy life? 


I have a background in health, and one concept that I have lived my life by to have a happier and healthier life are applying the 5 dimesions of health into my life and making sure they all are well-balanced.

Life needs BALANCE!

These include Physical, Emotional, Social, Intellectual, and Spitiual. 






As I started the JOURNEY to create Jlife by Jules, these 5 dimensions became the 5 key aspects of my life and are now my everyday guide. 


Focus on your physical goals and set them. Set realistic goals that will be able to be maintained. Do not drive yourself crazy setting “I want to loose 10 lbs. in a week" type of goal. Writing down your goals and viewing them daily/weekly will help you reach them. Having Specific, timely, and manageable goals will help you not stress about your physical appearance. YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE IN YOUR GOAL TO ACHIEVE IT! 



Physical and emotional connections go hand in hand when you are on a road to a healthier life. Listen to your emotions but don’t let them control or destroy you. Emotionally you may doubt yourself, you may feel you can’t do it. But by holding on tight to your goals and finding motivational "I can do that too" stories of success, you'll find that drive to help you reach that goal to live the healthy and happy lifestyle you have always wanted.



It is healthy to surround yourself with people who socially influence you to do good things and keep you in social circumstances that make YOU happy. Be social with people and things that help you grow in positive ways, not bring you down.



Lean about all the beautiful things in life that light the fire inside of you. The things that make your eyes open wide, that make your heart race. USE every part of that wonderful brain you were given to achieve your goals while helping others.  “Most of the time, Your smarter than you think”.  Read and listen to books and movies that inspire you and help you grow. Talk to people who help you expand your thinking and help you make decisions. Being intellectual isn’t all about your own brain but from absorbing what you can learn from other’s in your life and your surroundings.



Spiritual inspiration and feelings can be found in many different ways. Some people may think being spiritual means you have to be religious but it isn’t so. I have realized one of the most powerful spiritual sayings someone once told me is enjoy “JUST BEING”. Being you, being in the moment, and overall just being a spiritual and physical human that is living and breathing, with so many powerful gifts. Each one of us have different brains, different bodies, different views, and are all so unique with spiritual gifts we may not even realize yet. Take deep breaths, and notice the beauty around you. Feel your worth and your presence in each setting you find yourself in. Loving yourself and serving others can bring peace to your sprint and mind and help uplift you soul.


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