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March 26, 2016

Today I’m talking about one of my favorite things ever, the COCONUT! While traveling I always look hard to find fresh coconuts.


Coconut water is one of the best drinks to drink while you are in the heat, especially while working out in the heat. A great source for rehydration is COCONUT WATER.


FITNESS Tips : Drinking coconut water before, during, or after exercise with higher temperatures such as BIKRIM (heat) yoga, or exercising outdoors in the summer will keep hydration levels balanced leading to better functioning and exercise performance.


HEALTH Benefits:

- High in potassium (more potassium then 4 bananas)

- High in electrolytes - Source of B vitamins

- Helps reduce muscle cramps during exercise

- Weight management (low in calories)

- Naturally fat and cholesterol free

- Less Sugar then many sports drinks


Where to get Coconut Water

- Any grocery store now usually carries Coconut water

- My favorite Brand is VITA COCO (100% pure coconut water)



Many people are totally unaware of the AMAZING health and beauty benefits that COCONUT OIL HAS!  I Now Cook with COCONUT OIL because of it's amazing benefits.


Health Benefits of Coconut Oil.  

Studies show...

-    it improves cognitive functioning in the brain

-    Improves the immune system

-    Is a Good natural fat for your system (boots metabolism).

-    Stabilizes blood sugar


SO How Do you use it?  

Eat 1 tbsp. per day. You can cook with it or add it to a smoothie and you will get the same benefits.


Beauty Benefits of Coconut Oil


HAIR - Apply a pea size to ends of hair to repair damaged hair. Also can be used to reduce frizz.   


SKIN - Apply a small amount to any area of your body that is dry. Coconut oil can also help fade sunburns and age spots.Remember...  A little goes a long way.    


TEETH - Eating 1 tbsp. per day and swishing it around in your mouth will help teeth get whiter.   


FACE - Can be used as a makeup-remover, moisturizer, or used for dry lips.



Where to get Coconut Oil?


If you are going to use coconut oil everyday I recommend getting the MONSTER TUBE at Costco.



ADDITIONAL SITES for information on Coconut Water & Oil






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