Drink Away the Pounds WEIGHT LOSS drinks

March 29, 2016

Here are my top 3 weight loss and detox drinks!

Loosing weight is not easy but when I can have a little help by what I put into my body and when it even makes me feel better, it makes all the difference. Try my favorite weight loss drinks that have helped me on my weight loss journey. I tell everyone about them who ask me how they can loose weight with what they drink. Try my favorite weight loss drinks that have helped me on my weight loss journey and maintain my weight.


1. LEMON WATER Tips by Jules (hot lemon water): Drinking hot water with squeezed lemon first thing in the morning is very beneficial for weight loss and improved health.



  • Aids in digestion - loosens toxins in your digestive tract  and helps decrease heart burn,  

    ingestion, burping, and bloating

  • Helps fight hunger cravings

  • Helps your skin be blemish free

  • Gives your immune system a boost due to the high Vitamin C

  • Warm lemon water is great for getting rid of viral infections and boosting immune system


TIPS by Jules:

  • Try drinking a hot cup of lemon water when first waking up & try replacing your morning coffee with hot lemon water, it gives you energy!!

  • Fill up a big water bottle and squeeze lemon in it and drink throughout your day.

  • If I get bored of just lemons, I add limes, orange slices, cucumbers, or mint, these are all beneficial to weight loss as well.


2. GREEN TEA: During my weight loss journey green tea has been my best friend, helping me keep of the pounds! Green tea improves metabolism and fat absorption! Caffeine is known as a fat burning stimulant, green tea contains about (24-40 mg) of caffeine a cup. I drink green tea at least 3x’s a week.


TIPS by Jules:

  • I will brew a whole pitcher of green tea and keep it in my fridge so I can drink it throughout the day.

  • When i’m out or traveling, I get Iced Green Tea from Starbucks. It curbs my appetite and helps cleanse my system.


















3. DANDELION ROOT TEA: “The natural weight loss diuretic” created by Jillian Michaels, has worked great for me over the years, this drink mixture helps cut down bloat and water weight. I feel very energized and less bloated after drinking for a few days (usually best to drink for 7 days straight).


Ingredients :

1 organic dandelion root teabag

1 Tbsp. pure cranberry juice (not cranberry juice cocktail)

2 tbsp. Lemon Juice



  1. Brew the tea as listed on the box and let it cool to room temperature

  2. Mix all ingredients together and add the tea (once cooled)

  3. Drink the entire mixture each day for up to 7 days (you will make a new batch each day)

Tip By Jules:  

I usually place all ingredients in a 20 oz. smart water bottle or my own water bottle and refill as I drink it up all day long.



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