90% - 10% “A Lifestyle FORMULA”

April 11, 2016


"Life should have balance and be flexible, especially our diets”


Throughout my weight loss Journey I did not want to feel deprived. So I developed a plan to stick to that helped me set my mind in a healthier eating direction. I can still fulfill the “sweet tooth” that I have and not feel deprived on a “strict” diet that most people feel they need to do if they want to loose weight. I can go out to eat and enjoy foods that I love while still staying within my goals, and not completely going off track. I’ve found through my own personal experience and experiences of others, that doing the “all or nothing approach”, isn't a lifestyle that most people can stick to long term.” I have come to the realization and firm belief that “diets” are not long-term and that a “lifestyle plan” is  much more manageable and overall will work much better.


The 90/10% formula has helped me not feel deprived and still be able to eat the foods I love, while still loosing and maintaining my weight for a lifestyle balance. Many people in the fitness world will call this “flexible dieting” or “Macro counting” which is pretty much the greatest thing ever!! Macronutrient awareness has made maintaining weight so easy and not as stressful for me. Knowing that as long as I stay in my macronutrient range I can stay on track with my goals.


Here is a Site to Calculate Your own Macronutrients.



Breakdown of what the 90/10% Formula is




perfect balance of flexible dieting


 90% : Of all the foods I put into my body are healthy and nutritious, and help me reach my goals. I try to stick to non-processed foods and focus on getting more natural and organic foods into my diet. High protein source foods, complex carbs, and good fats are the macronutrients I focus on to fuel my body. I try to get most of my vitamins and minerals from food, so I feel in optimal health and don't have to take extra supplements.  


Tip: If you are lacking a vitamin or mineral I suggest taking supplements through for extra help. I take an iron supplement, a probiotic, and a multivitamin. 


Examples of High protein sources I eat: Lean Chicken, Fish (Salmon, Talipia, Tuna) Shrimp, Whey protein shakes, Egg Whites, Hard-boiled eggs, Greek Yogurt, Edamame, Almonds. 


Examples of complex carbohydrates I eat: Oats, Sweet Potatoes, brown rice, Quiona. 


Examples of good fats I eat: Coconut oil, avocado, organic natural peanut butter or almond butter, flaxseeds, nuts (mainly almonds)


Here is a link that has more sources of Macronutrients (Proteins, Carbs, Fats)



10%: a little sweet cheat treat” something a “little naughty and nice”, something where you can be flexible and have some of your favorite foods without feeling guilty. Enjoy eating out or having a treat is part of having balance. I'm not telling you to go eat a whole box of cookies, that is not the 10% or staying in your macronutrient range, its more about eating smart, and enjoying non-healthy foods in moderation.


MIX UP : It’s even better when your 10% doesn't make you feel guilty, such as whole-wheat protein pancakes, frozen yogurt with fruit, or healthier options. Choosing healthier treats are my absolute favorite, because then I don't feel sicker bloated and I still satisfy my “sweet tooth”, I get very creative when I get a sweet tooth and try to stay healthy. 


Listed below are some of my favorite


for my 10% intake of my daily diet


- Dark chocolate covered frozen bananas.

Banana Ice Cream : Frozen bananas blended in Vitamix or powerful blender (makes ice cream) I usually add some Almond milk for better texture


- Kodiak Cake Banana Protein Pancakes, I add natural almond butter or peanut butter & agave nectar syrup to mine.


- Fage Greek Yogurt with granola or fruit.


- Rice Cake Dreams (my own creation) a Plain rice cake or apple cinnamon rice cake with Peanut butter, agave, and cinnamon on it.


- Chia seed Vanilla pudding (recipe is on @jlifebyjules instagram).


- Kodiak Cake Banana Protein Muffins (recipe on @jlifebyjules instagram).










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