Why Motivational Mondays + Tips

May 3, 2016

WHY Motivational Monday?

Monday’s are filled with a lot of “motivational Monday” social media posts because it’s the start of a new week and sometimes the extra push is just what we ALL need to keep on track and start out the week with some extra motivation. Sometimes it’s hard to rely on just ourselves to stay motivated. So, what a perfect day to come to a MOTIVATIONAL WEBSITE to get advice and tools to help kickstart your week. 




JlifebyJules will inspire you and support your desire to maintain your ongoing goals


 I feel how you start your week is vital to how you may go through the week and the success and happiness you will have. Obviously it’s life so we will not have perfect planned out days, but the mindset you have will lead to better motivation and productivity. Your daily motivation will reflect your habits, your attitude, your work ethic, and your focus on your goals in and out of the gym. I always try to start my week with a positive energy and remind myself it’s a new week to BE A BETTER ME. I refocus, rewrite, and recharge my goals and plan for a better week.


SUPPORT: It is so important to have support in your life, and I know that some may not get the support they need. So my hope is to help anyone who doesn't have support and needs an extra push. We can accomplish many things alone but it is always good to have some type of support system to turn to.




1)     Plan as much as possible on Sunday Nights: “ORGANIZATION! ORGANIZATION! ORGANIZATION, you must be organized to be more successful”. My third grade teacher used to always repeat this saying, and it really stuck in my head. Through high school and college balancing classes, studying, working part-time, dancing, working out, and having a social life I realized that organizing my week was vital with staying on TOP of my goals. LIFE HAPPENS! LIFE IS UNEXPECTED! Therefore we can plan out as much as we can but sometimes things come up and life is out of our control. My tip for being able to tackle your priorities and getting your goals done is to write them out on Sunday night before your “new week” begins. I have always had a planner, I write out my top three priorities for the week and I make sure I get them done in a timely manner. I also write down any deadlines, my work schedule, and when I want things done by. Writing things down is proven to help you remember them. I know a lot of people keep there schedules in their phones, I do this also, but If you can get your hands on a planner I highly recommend it!


TIP: I also write to do lists of everything I need to accomplish the next day throughout my week.


2)     Re-write your goals and the Time you will Spend on them: You can tell people your goals and think about them but actually doing them is what is going to matter most. If you have new goals for the week write them out or if you need to re-map a goal figure out the steps you will take to make it happen. Sometimes I tweak my goals depending on what is going on in my life. It’s all about what will make you happy and healthy and live your life to the fullest.

3)     Good Sleep: Getting Good Sleep and going to bed at a decent hour is a great way to start out your week. You can wake up feeling more motivated and having a refreshing sleep from getting a full 7-9 hours will help you feel more energized and productive and also help you NOT slack off on your Monday workout.


4)     Drink a Warm Glass of Lemon Water:  This may not sound like the most appetizing thing to do first thing when you get out of bed, but I promise you and your body will thank me if you start to do this every morning. Drinking warm lemon water helps get you energized without the caffeine. It helps with weight loss and improved health (check out my blog, “drink away the lbs. weight loss drinks for more information).

5)     Stress Less: Stress is awful for our health. I know sometimes it is hard to control it, but I have realized doing the things that make you smile and laugh will help you stress less. Exercising and eating healthy also help manage stress levels. Staying positive and not getting frustrated if you haven't reached your fitness and health goals will actually get you to your goals faster. If you can keep a clear positive mind set, believe in yourself, and work hard on your goals daily being consistent, good things will come. Remember, Count your blessings, Love Life and live it to the fullest.








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